World in Conflict: Patch 1.011 zum Download erschienen
Neue Multiplayermaps

Mit Patch 1.011 bietet Massive Entertainment für World in Conflict und die Erweiterung Soviet Assault einen weiteren Patch an, behebt Fehler und fügt neuen Content hinzu.

Entwickler Massive hat den neusten Patch für World in Conflict freigegeben. Version 1.011 ist das elfte Update für den Echtzeitstrategietitel. Im Paket enthalten sind vier neue Multiplayermaps, aber auch einige Neuerungen und Bugfixes sind enthalten: So wurde vor allem wieder am Balancing gefeilt und kleinere Bugs bei Einheiten behoben.

Besonders interessant: Mit Patch 1.01 hat Massive Entertainment Securom entfernt, so dass das Spiel nun ohne Disk im Laufwerk gestartet werden kann. Für die Installation des 400 MByte großen Patches benötigt ihr Version 1.01.

Das komplette Changelog 1.011:
New features:
– Four new multiplayer maps:
* do_Apocalypse – Deep in the jungles of the Mekong, Soviet and U.S. forces struggle for possession of a vital intelligence dispatch.
* do_Canal – A tranquil canal divides Soviet and NATO forces as they fight for control of a small French Village.
* do_Studio – In an attempt to crush the morale of the hated Americans, Mother Russia has decided to attack the heart of their enemys entertainment industry!
* do_Tequila – A sleepy Mexican village is shaken out of its siesta by the sound of roaring Soviet and U.S. tanks.

Units and balancing:
* All Anti-Air Strike timings are now much more similar, based on the USSR version.
* NATO Air-to-Air Strike has a changed animation of the airplane and is now identical to US and USSR.
* NATO Air-to-Air Strike missiles now have the same speed as on the US and USSR Air-to-Air Strike.
* Visual change: Ground marker on the Air-to-Air Strike changed to more accurately reflect target area. This does not in any way affect the functionality of the TA.
* Infantry squads now drop with a larger spread.
* Infantry squads now have a larger formation spread after move orders.
* Forest clearing has been removed from all units except for artillery units and special abilities on medium tanks.
* Medium Helicopters has had a decrease in health.
* Medium Helicopters has had a decrease in missile and cannon range.
* Medium Helicopters now has decreased cannon blast damage.
* US Medium Helicopters can now fire at targets behind it, making it more similar to the other factions.
* Medium Artillery has had its maximum range decreased.
* Medium Artillery Special Ability now has increased reload time.
* Medium Artillery now receives less reload time improvement when leveling up.
* Visual change: Changed the special ability effect on US/NATO Medium Artillery to a larger WP cloud, lingering flames and slight terrain deformation. Overall duration now matches gameplay effect.
* Tweaked deployment zones on do_Mauer in favor of USSR.
* Tweaked deployment zones on do_Fjord in favor of NATO.

Bug fixes:
* Changed the health of a stone bridge that had 50% more health than it should. All bridges should now be destroyable with two Laser Guided Bombs.
* Fixed a bug where infantry squads would sometimes get deselected when a member of the squad died.
* Fixed a bug where Sniper units inside buildings would sometimes fire at units they did not have line of sight to.
* Fixed a bug where infantry would run out of the forest when dropped from a helicopter.
* Fixed a bug where the LOS shader would in some cases calculate incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug where the movement lines in the megamap would remain after the units had been ordered to stop.
* Fixed a bug where the stone bridge used on do_Canal and as_Hillside would move when terrain was deformed close to it.
* Fixed a bug where the server would crash when certain orders were stacked.
* Fixed a bug that caused heat-haze not to render.
* Slight tweaks to USSR Medium Artillery special ability: crater size is more consistent, and the effect no longer occasionally fails to play an impact sound.


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